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"So far from his power consisting in jumping through hoops or standing on his head, his power consists in holding his own fortress night and day."

—GK Chesterton, Heretics
Jul 20th

We’re driving through Atlanta
and it is the end of the world
and you point out the window
and I follow the pale curl of your arm
and the line extending from your finger to the moon
and the moon is full
and on fire.
You’re panicking
because you can’t remember the meaning
of nonchalant, but I’m massaging
your neck, whispering,
It’s what you are.

— from “Charismatic Ambulance Driver,” Mark Leidner

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greaterlandAlaska / Marty Mellway

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Bad Day Zine

A lot of people missed out on this and it’s pretty tiny - I thought I’d post it so that everyone can have some sweet little hints on cheering yourself up when you’re having a crappy day.

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There had been much in her stern nature to impress me with the belief that, to her, death would have come without its terrors; —but not so. Words are impotent to convey any just idea of the fierceness of resistance with which she wrestled with the Shadow. I groaned in anguish at the pitiable spectacle. would have soothed —I would have reasoned; but, in the intensity of her wild desire for life, —for life —but for life —solace and reason were the uttermost folly. Yet not until the last instance, amid the most convulsive writhings of her fierce spirit, was shaken the external placidity of her demeanor. Her voice grew more gentle —grew more low —yet I would not wish to dwell upon the wild meaning of the quietly uttered words. My brain reeled as I hearkened entranced, to a melody more than mortal —to assumptions and aspirations which mortality had never before known.

— Edgar Allan Poe, “Ligeia”

Jul 17th

KONTROLLHAMSTER - The High Tauern National Park, 2012

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