Besides love and sympathy, animals exhibit other qualities connected with the social instincts which in us would be called moral" - Charles Darwin [x]

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your eyes are just hanging
there in their closets candy
coating would do them some
good hell candy coating would
be a real boon for

us all this morning when
I woke up I fabricated
the following nightmare you dangled
a microphone from your teeth
you were on a ledge

four stories up the microphone
swayed back and forth I
was jumping trying to grasp
it whaddya mean not scary
I’ll show you not scary

— Jon Woodward

Apr 9th

wanderthewood: Melby, Hovedstaden, Denmark by demonio74

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starting a fire.


rake the coals of memory
for a spark

let time drip down like an old faucet
wash away all the injustices,
your own bitterness
as well as others’

feel the cold steel surface,
no blood, no going back—
you don’t need to.

gather up all the good:
the blank slates and open roads,
yellow moons,
the midnight phone calls,
the sunshine through a bedroom window

rake the coals of memory
for just a spark

think of it on days when there’s no light.

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Garibaldi Lake ➾ Jayme Gordon
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Cliff riders duck behind a waterfall in the Pololu Valley in Hawaii.

National Geographic - July, 1960

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greaterlandKatherine Nawilis

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LUCILA: Dear Lord, how did I end up with such a rebel?
JULIA: I thought you said I was a romantic.
LUCILA: The worst kind: a rebellious romantic. Dying to fuck everything up—

Jose Rivera, “School of the Americas”

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