New Prometheus

In the inertia of liberated gestures,
       (not even the shadows will rise)
in the silence of an unlocked scream
       (let the echo sleep in peace),
Prometheus, who no longer has eyes,
       (they didn’t last to see the rust)
lies compliant, welded
       (the mountain of doubt holds him)
to the Promethean torture.
He smothers the fire unneeded by the gods
and rips out his own liver,
to die,
in accord with the myth. 

— by Jerzy Ficowski, translated by Yala Korwin

Sep 5th


Here are some dogs enjoying Popsicles. 

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instead of counting sheep at night, count the number of times you can repeat “my life is dope and i do dope shit” before drifting into dreams full of kanye level self-confidence

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englishsnowMichael Päßler

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jovellyism: Bird Point, March 2014.

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Sep 4th

For Pandora, Again

I was stunned
when you held open
that lid

The whirl of wind
twisted us around, plague-ridden
tornado— greed-grief-lament

For repressed urges, sustenance

When blood-strife-dread
human defeat

Stunned by venomous fumes
kept standing

In that lored penumbra—

Until, again, you
shut it close, with startled hands

That gaping, gaping mouth
of primal horror

By then, they had turned everything

Only under the shut lid
fallen— hope

Man staked his all on it
and stood, kept standing
for ever

— Sidhveswar Sen, translated by Ron D.K. Banerjer

Sep 4th


It’s official, I’m in love with the Cascades.

Mt. Baker State Park, North Cascades, Washington.

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