Whatever’s buried there that once caused
such alarm has come back to forgive,
to apologize for how it all went wrong.

So rest my darling, the journey’s almost
over even though I’ve gone nowhere
and never meant to stay there.

— “Teetering Lullaby,” Dean Young

Apr 13th


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rhamphothecaBerry Head Arch, Newfoundland, CAN (photo: Rexton) 

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Arctic Ocean Ski Tour by Dog Sled, 1894

Voyage| June 24, 1893 to August 13, 1896

Plan| To drive his ship, the Fram, into the ice, until encased, then ride the natural drift to the North Pole. Goal unreached even after abandoning the drift idea and attempting to reach the pole by skis and dog sleds. Although, the trip proved great importance to polar research.

Photographer| Fridtjof Nansen (1861-1930)

From| National Library of Norway

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She lives, the bird says, and means nothing
silly. She is dead and available,
the fox says, knowing about the spirits.
Not the picture at the funeral,
not the object of grieving. She is dead
and you can have that, he says. If you can
love without politeness or delicacy,
the fox says, love her with your wolf heart.

— “How to Love the Dead,” Jack Gilbert

Apr 13th

Brandon Wilson

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