From where I stood

Iceland, 2014

Whitney Justesen Photography

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Abtenau by Monodrift

Abtenau, Austria

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"I know my way back perfectly well. Like the back
of my hand, as it were. But look, the labyrinth walls
are high hedge and green. This also could be joy."

—from “Miniature Bridges, Your Mouth” by Marty McConnell
Jul 15th

greaterlandAlaska / Marty Mellway

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ourwildwaysIMG_6033 by zaphad1 on Flickr.

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Pear, cherry, and apple orchards of Hood River Valley, Oregon

Ray Atkeson © 1968

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The Promise

With the second drink, at the restaurant,
holding hands on the bare table,
we are at it again, renewing our promise
to kill each other. You are drinking gin,
night-blue juniper berry
dissolving in your body, I am drinking Fume,
chewing its fragrant dirt and smoke, we are
taking on earth, we are part soil already,
…You’re a little afraid
I’ll chicken out. What you do not want
is to lie in a hospital bed for a year
after a stroke, without being able
to think or die, you do not want
to be tied to a chair like a prim grandmother,
cursing. … I tell you you do not
know me if you think I will not
kill you. … if a lion
had you in its jaws I would attack it, if the ropes
binding your soul are your own wrists, I will cut them.

Sharon Olds

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For a while you’ve been hearing this call from underground, so you dig up my bones, take me out of this black box piece by piece. Yes, darling, refuse to understand death! I think it’s lovely & brave that you’re not giving up on me, that you have it in you to go on being with me after these ten years in the dirt. Touch me, these bones can be enough. Hang my bones from the tree in the yard. When the wind blows, if you want to believe that sound is me talking, then it’s me talking. 

—Lillian Kwok, “Danse Macabre

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nevver: You have come to the end of the world. Keep walking.

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