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meet-me-in-europe: Puster Valley, Italy

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Again, we are standing on the shore of an alpine lake. 
There is no wind to disturb the pines, or the mountains
upside down on the surface of the water. We are waiting 
for something, but I can’t be sure. From the other side
of the lake, a cardinal flies across the water toward us. 

I turn and watch it come to rest among the needles 
behind you. I look at you and open my mouth to speak.
Something stops me. You are staring across the water. 
The sky is cloudless. It is colder than I remember.
Suddenly I realize why we’ve come here.
Matt Morton
Aug 25th



By Kim Hamlet

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Aug 25th
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meet-me-in-europe: Svarfaðardalur, Iceland

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