These leafdogs soothe my soul

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I smell trouble brewing

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"And when I wake early I say to myself: Fight, fight. If I could catch the feeling, I would: the feeling of the singing of the real world; the sense that comes to me of being bound on a perpetual adventure — of being strangely free to do anything"

—Virginia Woolf, from a diary entry (via micaceous)
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1806; day #3 v

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mulder: there was alien residue on your fries so i ate all of them to protect you

scully: mulder

mulder: i’m always looking out for you. i never expected we’d work so well together…. but…. i mean. what a pair. what a funny pair we are, scully

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decepticunUntitled by (chaseblood)

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I kept the top third of the wall above my bed open so I could see the stars. I pruned the black walnut and the maple so they wouldn’t block that view. I built a bed out of what I fell. I still have the four dishes I scavenged from the artist across the hall that fell to the virus not long after my wife, green- and blue-edged flatware. I have two soup bowls, a soup pot, a fry pan, a big boiler, a kettle. I took two mugs with me— hope or breakage— and oddly I found another in the dirt when I was rebuilding the shack. A white mug with a logo and acronym I don’t recognize— C M S. The logo is just the letters decorated with wisteria. When I was sleeping in the sleeping bag when I was rebuilding the shack an animal’s breath in my ear woke me. I didn’t move or open my eyes. It was the breath of a big thing, humid and stinking of life. My heart was like a foot chained to a stake, kicking. The darkness in me kept going down. I don’t know what it was. It never came back.

It’s not clear why it was me that survived; eventually it won’t have been. I’d once thought the meaning of it would clarify in time. 

— from “See Oh Oh Pee [that]” by MKS Volcofsky

Jul 29th

"Help more. Be more helpful. Win a fight."

—Tyler Hoechlin’s advice to Derek Hale (x)
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Tell Me How Tomorrow Will Be

The horses graze in the pastures
where our houses have fallen.
The bees bring sleep to
an afternoon already sodden with
heat. And the birds at the
feeder tell other birds about us, how
easy it is here, how humane.
I take your hand as the end nears. 
You are a diamond. I watch the set-
ting sun make cats in your eyes. 
I turn away and turn back. You
are still there. So I say, Love,
tell me how tomorrow will be. Tell
me today how tomorrow will be. 

Corey Mesler

Jul 29th
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